Medical Equipment and Supplies

On Board All Missions

Extensive equipment, supplies, and medications are carried on our aircraft. In addition to what is conveyed on board all missions, the following is available at all of our bases, as required:

  • Spinal immobilization equipment including spine boards, head immobilizers, a variety of straps, full body vacuum splint, scoop stretcher
  • Pediatric stretchers and immobilization devices
  • Isolettes and baby pods for transportation of small infants in neutral thermal environment
  • iSTAT portable laboratory with cartridges
  • Blood products (via local health care facility)
  • Portable mechanical ventilators for various ages
  • Some medications that are stored in a refrigerator

Available in Winnipeg and Iqaluit:

  • Emergency Transvenous pacemaker wire and pulse generator
  • Invasive pressure monitoring capability