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2022 Safety Policy

Keewatin Air LP, and its operating divisions, is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, customers and visitors to our workplace. This commitment applies to planning and training, defining procedures, specifying and providing equipment and creating working conditions that promote safe, efficient operation and control of hazards. The responsibility for safety and health, however, rests with everyone in the company.

Every manager and supervisor are tasked with the implementation of the company Safety and Health Program and for ensuring that each employee is aware of the safety and health requirements in their departments. They are responsible for enforcing them and for implementing all the corrective actions that that may be determined.

Each employee, in turn, shares responsibility for his or her safety by conducting their tasks in a safe and conscientious manner, and by observing all safety rules and regulations of the company. Reporting unsafe conditions or hazards immediately to their supervisor or a member of the safety committee is beneficial to everyone.

The company Safety Committee, Co-Chaired by the Safety Manager, who acts as the employer's representative, and one non-management person who acts on behalf of the employees. It consists of representatives from management and staff. This Committee is responsible for the design, monitoring, and modification of the company safety policies and programs. The policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its accuracy and completeness. They are also responsible for making regular inspections of the workplace, for holding regular safety meetings and implementing ongoing improvements to our safety policy. The company works with the Safety Committee to implement any changes that affect occupational health and safety, including new work processes and procedures.

Just culture

A Just Culture consists of a non-punitive reporting system, where errors must be understood but willful violations cannot be tolerated. Such a culture can be described as a working environment where employees agree to and are confident that:

  • Mistakes, errors, slips, failures and negligence caused by systemic or human failures, and willful misconduct with positive intent, will be investigated and addressed within the principles of a non-punitive policy; and,
  • Ill-intended volitional acts that breach company practices and procedures will be addressed by an agreed disciplinary policy. Employees understand and agree upon what is acceptable and unacceptable.

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Keewatin Air non-punitive reporting policy

Keewatin Air LP is committed to the safety of its employees and customers. Safety in all departments is the responsibility of each employee. To ensure this commitment, it is imperative that we have uninhibited reporting of all incidents and occurrences that may compromise the safety of our operations.

Each employee shares the responsibility for communicating any information that may affect the integrity of company safety. Employees can be assured that this communication will not result in reprisal, thus further allowing a timely, uninhibited flow of information occurring within the Keewatin company culture.

Keewatin Air LP has developed a safety reporting system for use by all employees for sharing information concerning safety issues within the company. An employee can utilize the online Safety Management Systems website to file a safety occurrence or identify a safety hazard.

Keewatin Air safety management system

Keewatin Air LP has a fully functioning Safety Management System (SMS) as per Transport Canada’s Canadian Aviation Regulations. Keewatin Air LP’s SMS is to be used as a safety reporting system by all employees for sharing information concerning safety issues within the company. An employee can utilize the online Safety Management Systems website to file any safety occurrences or identify safety hazards. Keewatin Air LP’s SMS can protect the identity of the employee who provides information by allowing a person to submit safety occurrences and/or hazards anonymously.

All employees have the duty to utilize this program to assist Keewatin Air LP in continuing its leadership in providing our customers and employees with the utmost level of safety.